PDF Booklets About Our Church’s Doctrines And Worship


When you visit our church on the Lord’s Days, you’re welcome to get a free copy of the following booklets from our literature table. These booklets are intended for you to know us better.

You may also download these booklets below. To print them in booklet form, print pages 1-2 double-sided (back-to-back), pages 3-4 double-sided, etc.

What is the Reformed Faith?” by Michael S. Horton

“What is a Reformed Church?” by Daniel R. Hyde

“Why We Have Creeds & Confessions” by Daniel R. Hyde

“The Public Worship of God”, articles by Daniel R. Hyde and Michael S. Horton

“A Brief Walk-Through Our Reformed Worship Liturgy” by Pasig Covenant Reformed Church

“Why We Sing Old Testament Psalms” by Daniel R. Hyde

“Why We Sing ‘Gloria Patri’ and Other Doxologies” by Pasig Covenant Reformed Church

“Why We Baptize Infants and Adults”, articles by Michael S. Horton and Dennis E. Johnson

“The New Millennium” by Michael S. Horton

“666 and the Mark of the Beast” by Kim Riddlebarger

Other articles will be added as they are completed.

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