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The Doctrine of the Trinity in History and Scripture

The Doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most crucial and most debated Christian teaching throughout the history of the church. Our church fathers find it so important that those who held what is contrary to the biblical, orthodox belief on the Trinity is “anathemized” (accursed) and considered a HERETIC.

Today, the doctrine and belief of our Triune God remains under attacked by heresies. But thankfully, God has never left the true church wandering away from the truth.

On the first two days of the “ZCRC (Imus) Reformed Conference 2021,” we had the privilege of having Dr. Charles Lee Irons discuss this doctrine of the Trinity through the lens of History and from Scriptures, as well as how it shapes our understanding of the gospel of our salvation.

Lecture 1: The Doctrine of Trinity in History

How did the church in history understood the doctrine of the Trinity? Has the church always been clear and right about the Trinity? Dr. Charles Lee Irons helps us survey some of the most crucial parts of the early church, when God guided the church to formulate a proper, biblical understanding of the Trinity.

Watch the Lecture and Read the Manuscript Here

Lecture 2: The Doctrine of Trinity in Scriptures

Is the doctrine of Trinity a mere teaching formulated by the church? Where can we find the “Trinity” in the Bible? Although the term “Trinity” cannot be found on the pages of Scripture, it is a term the church used that catches the Bible’s clear teaching about the Trinity. In this lecture, Dr. Charles Lee Irons gives us plenty of Scriptural proof for the truth that there is one divine being, who is God, yet in three persons.

Watch the Lecture and Read the Manuscript Here

Lecture 3: The Trinitarian Shape of the Gospel

Is there a relationship or order between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? How does the Triune God “work”? Understanding the eternal, infinite, Triune God will always be beyond our limited human understanding. Yet, as Dr. Charles Lee Irons, a general understanding of the immanent structure within the Trinity helps us understand and appreciate better God’s grand work of salvation for sinners like us.

Watch the Lecture and Read the Manuscript Here

Q&A Session

Watch below as the speaker answer the questions from the attendees concerning the topic.

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