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The Lord’s Day and COVID-19 (3rd Update)

Congregation of ZCRC (Imus),

Grace and peace from our Triune God!

We would like to update you again on our Lord’s Day plans in relation to the COVID-19 situation. Sixty three (63) days has passed since our last letter and so far, here are the latest information related to and directly affecting our Lord’s Day plans.

Beginning May 16, 2020, IATF placed Region 4 specifically Cavite under “General Community quarantine (GCQ)”. This allows for limited gathering up to 10 people provided they practice social distancing and wear masks. On the other hand, NCR is placed under “Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ)”. Under this protocol, religious home visits are allowed provided again it follows IATF guidelines. For more information, please visit IATF website or get updates from our government official online channels.

Let us thank God for his providence and praise him for allowing our country to move beyond ECQ. Government restrictions are slowly and cautiously being lifted. Based on the latest released guidelines, ECQ graduates to Modified ECQ and will eventually lead to GCQ and then Modified GCQ. This allows your office-bearers better assess the situation and plan the affairs of the church specifically our Lord’s Day service, and Prayer Meeting/Sunday School.

First, our short liturgy live stream every Lord’s Day 10 am will continue. We will begin to gather again publicly when both NCR and Cavite are placed under Modified GCQ. According to the IATF guidelines, public gatherings are allowed as long as the place operates at 50% of its seating capacity.

  1. This means we need to rent a new place to accommodate all our members and guest. Please pray for God’s will and provision for this matter.
  2. Assuming Lotus Mall Events place is still an option, we will conduct two services to support our current head count. Lord-willing, we can secure the time-slot reservation. 

Second, our prayer meetings in the afternoon will become time for home visits. Lord-willing, next week our office-bearers and members can begin slowly meeting each other in homes for mutual encouragement. Depending on the quarantine level, we can begin to meet in groups. This will allow each of us to meet and pray for one another in a limited time and head count per geographic area. However, when NCR and Cavite are both placed under Modified GCQ, we will resume our weekly prayer meeting and Sunday school. We will make the necessary adjustments should there be any changes. For now, let us continue praying for it. 

Again, let us remain patient and thankful for God in his providence. Let us continue to long for the gathering of God’s people and put our hope in God. Like what the psalmists wrote: “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God (Psalm 42:5)”. Amen.

One body in Christ,

ZCRC (Imus) Consistory

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