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Canons of Dort – Part 3: Our Need for Sovereign Love

Canons of Dort: Total Depravity

Speaker: Rev. JOHN A. BOUWERS • FEBRUARY 13, 2016

As we come in our study of the Canons of Dort to the third head of doctrine, we see that we have come to that point where the Canons, and indeed the Canon (of Scripture) have been turned against us. This section of the Canons deals with the depth of our sinfulness. Here we are shown the natural condition of our souls before God. To the sinful flesh this is painful teaching, unpleasant to say the least, and devastatingly humiliating.

But this is for our good. If you had a terrible infection in your leg, such that, as a result, you were inflicted with a life-threatening fever, would you call the Doctor cruel who, as soon as he sees you, rips off your bandages, and immediately cuts into your skin without anesthetic in order to stop the infection? I trust that you would understand the seriousness of the situation and would have no objection to the way the Doctor treated you, in fact you would, no doubt, even thank him for his honest dealings. So it must be with God who shows us our sins, it is terribly hurtful to our pride, but nevertheless, we praise God for giving us this knowledge of our sin because we know that it is oh so good for us. It is in this way that we come to understand Our Need for Sovereign Love.

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