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Canons of Dort – Part 4: The Power of Sovereign Love

Canons of Dort: Irresistible Grace

Speaker: Rev. JOHN A. BOUWERS • FEBRUARY 13, 2016

When we have properly understood the condition of man in his sinfulness, we are ready, and eager, to move on and consider the deliverance that God accomplishes and applies in the lives of His people. So far, in articles 1-5 of this section III/IV of the Canons we have been brought to confess the total depravity of man, who, being spiritually dead to God, is absolutely powerless to save himself. He is unable and unwilling. We’ve also seen how the “glimmerings of natural light” and the very law of God itself are not able to help man in his spiritually dead condition.

It is good, then, that, as we move on to articles 6 and following in this section of the Canons, we actually move from the third into the fourth head of doctrine. The Canons do not leave us in the throes of death, but point us instead to the work of the Holy Spirit who sovereignly, lovingly and powerfully applies the atoning work of Christ in the lives of the elect. He brings dead sinners to life. Here we are brought to stand in awe and to praise God the Holy Spirit for His powerful and effectual work. This is the Power of Sovereign Love. It is nothing short of miraculous!

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