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Canons of Dort – Part 5: The Perseverance of Sovereign Love

Canons of Dort: Perseverance of the Saints

Speaker: Rev. JOHN A. BOUWERS • FEBRUARY 13, 2016

As we come in our study to the final head of doctrine of the Canons, hopefully by now it has become obvious not only that our God is an awesome God, but also, that these glorious teachings about His sovereignty and His grace are tremendously good for us.

The Canons’ final head of doctrine has to do with the Perseverance of the Saints. In this last movement of this symphony of Dort everything comes to a glorious resolution in a final crescendo of heart-felt praise. Now to this one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be honor and glory forever. Amen (end of Canons V.15). In taking us through the Scriptures the Canons have allowed us to see the steadfast love of the Lord, His constant faithfulness and His invincible power for our salvation. And as we come by faith to adore the might and majesty of our God we are, thereby, also assured that He will not forsake the works of His hands. He will surely finish what He has begun for us. No one and no thing can stop His work of salvation in the hearts and lives of His people.

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