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The Lord’s Day and COVID-19 (5th Update)

Congregation of ZCRC(Imus),

Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

We would like to update again everyone about the Lord’s Day plans of your consistory. There are two major items we want to  focus on this update: 1) The Resumption of our Public Gathering; 2) The New Temporary Location at Del Pilar Academy.

IATF announced last August 31 that beginning September 1, Cavite will be under MGCQ. Under this quarantine protocol, mass gathering is allowed as long as the assembly is at 50% capacity and follows safety guidelines. With this development, we decided to proceed with the preparation of resuming our public gathering instead of gathering in houses as previously planned (see 4th Update).

And as explained at our General Assembly last Sunday, here are the details we need to remember:

  • Here are the guidelines to those who can attend:
    • Members who are 60 years old and above, and those who are below 21 years old are required to stay home under MGCQ.
    • All with pre-conditions and with health risk are also required to stay home.
    • For families who are having logistic challenges may also opt to stay home.

To serve these groups while at home, an unlisted and private link of YouTube livestream will be posted on our Facebook church group and chat so they can join the service online.

  • For the rest of us who capable and willing are required to attend the Lord’s Day physical gathering.

To ensure the safety of everyone attending, please make sure to fill-up this google form to confirm your attendance.  Please make sure to submit them before Lord’s Day. This will help us ensure we comply with head count limit of our worship place.  Please also encourage non-members and guest to attend with us. 

  • Public Lord’s Day service will resume starting September 20, 2020 but for the time being, gathering is set every other week. Between each week, we will to back with the livestream/private home worship. So the alternating schedule for the succeeding four weeks are:
    • September 20, 2020 – Public Gathering at Del Pilar Academy
    • September 27, 2020 – Livestream/Private Home Worship
    • October 4, 2020 – Public Gathering at Del Pilar Academy
    • October 11, 2020 – Livestream/Private Home Worship
  • Meeting time will be moved from 11:00 am to 9:00 am. Our rent is 2 hours with 30 minutes for ingress and egress. The congregation is expected to arrive 8:30 am and leave 11:30 am.
  • Our new temporary location will be at Del Pilar Academy. Here is the link for the driving and commuting instructions.
  • Safety protocols like social distancing, wearing of face shields and masks, personal hygiene like using alcohol will be followed.
  • Inquirer’s Class, Prayer Meeting, and Sunday School will continue as scheduled meeting via Zoom.

Lastly, let us thank our God for providing us another temporary place of worship. As your office-bearers, we deemed it prudent to find a new place we can gather instead of Lotus Mall. Like pilgrims in exile, we know it seems to all of us that we keep on moving and transfer from one place to another. It has been our 3rd move in just two years! We would like to encourage you to remain steadfast in the faith and put our hope in God who provides all our needs. We prayed months for God to regather God’s people again for public worship so let us take it as a privilege to begin gathering this coming Lord’s Day.

Indeed, God hears the prayers of his people. “When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles (Psalm 34:17)”. Truly, he answers our call in times of need. God’s providence is sure and sufficient. May the Lord continue to bless us with his presence. Amen.

ZCRC(Imus) Consistory

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